Our practice takes a holistic approach to treating eating disorders across the spectrum of symptoms. Successful outcomes require patience and persistence, along with a family systems perspective. Our intake process takes a careful history of the disordered eating patterns to determine needs for treatment. When necessary we implement treatment plans for residential or day treatment intervention with plans for follow-up here.

Our psychologists work in a collaborative manner with internist, nutritionist and psychiatrist, as suitable to individual needs. We address strengths, self-concept and interpersonal development. We focus on self- development and family dynamics, along with connection to community and peers. Further, we examine the symbolism of the manifestation of the disordered eating patterns that are expressing needs for the client.

In addition to working on self-concept and interpersonal relationships, we help our eating disorder clients identify the triggers that lead to disordered eating thoughts and behaviors. In this manner we are working on emotional regulation, which contributes to better mood stability.

Our treatment involves cognitive therapy whereby we examine distorted belief systems. This approach helps our client build a better sense of control, safety and acceptance, along with reduced anxiety and greater flexibility.

For adolescents, we involve parents for the sake of education about meal planning and how to present food in the home. Where necessary we implement a semi or full Maudsley approach to family meals. This permits parents to take charge of food content and amounts per meal to be eaten without negotiation or choice during the initial stage of reclaiming body weight.

We do not encourage eating disorder groups, but for the teenager who is motivated and recovering well, we may advise a Teen Group to help put energies into normal teen endeavors and concerns, above and beyond the eating disorder.

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