With sufficient motivation and investment of time and effort, we can help you move from distrust and hopelessness to a more respectful, intimate and mutually satisfying relationship.

We live in a time when the option for divorce is seductive but often a false solution to complex problems. Couples may feel insecure and hopeless to sustain a loving safe relationship.

Couples come to psychotherapy feeling a sense of loss and disconnection. Many couples struggle with unrealistic expectations, based on distorted notions of ideal love and “happiness.”  They may intend to have their hopelessness crowned with affirmation for legal separation and divorce.

Substantial change for couples involves commitment and openness, as well as trust in the therapist. The goal is to become aware what it means to nurture yourself and your partner. We help couples learn how to communicate more effectively. We also take a close look at lifestyle, knowing that isolation, excessive work and stress take a toll on a relationship.

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