Psychotherapy relies upon a trusting relationship between the client and the psychotherapist. Treatment may be brief or continue for several months, and even years. Psychotherapy may be practiced on a one-to-one basis, in family dyads or in groups. Generally, sessions occur about once a week and last 45-50 minutes.

The art of psychotherapy involves waking up to an increased awareness. In psychotherapy we take the time to step back to be curious about patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are not working for us. We examine belief systems, desires, choices and frustrations, in order to manage or temper them differently for a better outcome both individually and interpersonally.

The psychotherapy process for individuals, couples or families may involve the need to be understood or a need to open up.  There is opportunity to question roles, practice dialogue, and rewrite old scripts.  Therapy may also involve expression through metaphor, story telling, analyzing dreams, role playing or even expressions of art.