Ages 13-17   Groups run by Dr. Kay Abrams

Teen girls groups serve to empower and strengthen teens as they manage academic and social challenges. Techniques include guided insight, peer sharing and feedback and social-self appraisal exercises to help girls build confidence and interpersonal competence.

Cognitive processing and experiential tools are integrated into sessions while girls learn social-emotional coping skills.

  1. Participants must be approved by the group facilitator for participation.
  2. Only one participant per school is allowed in a group.
  3. Group meets weekly for 60-75 minutes, allowing for school breaks and vacations.
  4. Commitment for school year required after Initial Intake interview and two trial sessions.
  5. Former or current individual therapy often required at least every other week while attending group.  
  6. Two absences allowed per school year (no charge).
  7. Participants agree not to initiate friendships outside of group.
  8. There will be no social media contact or discussions outside of group at any time. (What is said in group stays in group. Sessions are confidential.)
  9. Parents of participants will meet with the facilitator at least quarterly and are free to provide any concerns to the group facilitator.

Contact us for more information or for an Initial Intake.   Call our Intake Coordinator at 301-949-2098, ext.1 or email to arrange an initial intake appointment.