For moms who are parenting children who may be hypersensitive, oppositional and/or who have been diagnosed with SID, ODD, ADHD and/or PDD.

Gain perspective and insight along with greater skill for your specific parenting challenges. An individualized and affordable approach to help mothers find greater clarity and balance as they face a myriad of challenges and potential overwhelm working with the challenging child.

Supportive, didactic and experiential, this group includes practicing new tools at home in order to effect positive change. Learn to think in terms of nature-nurture so you can cultivate a parenting approach that is most suitable to your child’s temperament. Learn to “hit the pause button” and “go down instead of up” so you are less drained and more prepared, energized and confident. Utilizing parent-child scenarios in order to practice parenting with less reactivity, guilt and inconsistency.