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Groups are an affordable and powerful venue for promoting social and emotional maturation. Children learn how to conquer their fears and practice social skills in a small group setting.  All groups require an initial one-hour individual intake for parents in addition to one intake with the child or teen.   Groups typically meet weekly through the school year for 60-75 minutes. Some groups are designed in quarterly sessions such as 15 sessions.

We believe in creating space that is comforting, safe and inviting! Children may sit in circles in flap jacks on the floor or around a table for art exercises. We have an enormous variety of play and activity exercises for teaching, including art materials, puppets, pull out tables, sand trays and story books for role play and psychodrama. Our offices are warm and inviting, as well as flexible for creating circles or for clearing space so children can learn, create and practice.


Some of the groups we offer are:  teen groups for girls in middle school as well as high school; boys, girls, and coed social skills groups for children in grade school; boys and girls groups for ADHD. We also provide Parent Support groups for mothers with special needs children.

In our Social Skills Groups, we address  topics such as making friends, taming tempers, taking turns, handling bullying and building attention skills. Homework may be assigned to both children and parents for practicing skills that build mastery.

We coordinate groups throughout the school year, putting 4 to 6 children in a group. Participants are placed in group in accordance to presenting needs determined during an initial one-hour interview and assessment.

For more information, call our Intake Coordinator at [301] 949-2098 ext 1