Psycho-educational and diagnostic evaluations are also available for all ages. Such an evaluation may include a social-emotional in addition to intellectual and educational testing. A full psycho-educational battery includes intelligence testing with the WISC-IV along with Woodcock Johnson Education tests. Tests that assess motor planning and visual processing skills may also be included as well as assessment of executive functioning, sensory motor and memory tests.

The psychologist is looking at domains of intellectual development and potential as well as achievement while discerning any significant gaps that might explain a student’s frustrations and subsequent diminished output.

In addition, for a richer assessment of functioning both in and outside the classroom, social emotional and behavioral assessments may be included in the battery of tests administered.

Strengths and weaknesses are identified in various areas of cognitive processing, such as memory, visual-motor integration, organization and motor fluency. Analysis and interpretation of the data inform the individual education plan as well as any treatment planning involving social emotional and behavior development.

Along with testing to assess developmental and/or cognitive abilities, a psychologist in our practice can provide services as your advocate in the process of communicating test results to teachers and/or facilitating individual educational planning.