Whether it is potty training, sleeping through the night, separation anxiety or transitional adjustments, we can help to clarify a suitable plan, provide support and guidance.

Our practice offers consultation whereby parents present their concerns regarding managing their child or teen. We track parent-child scenarios and examine what is triggering excessive frustration, noncompliance and defiance in your child. We work with you, in collaboration, until the challenge is resolved. Concerns may involve decision making about appropriate treatment interventions or school placements.

For parenting work, in conjunction with child therapy, our psychologists will offer regular parent meetings to offer feedback and suggestions for how to increase compliance and cooperation in your child or teen. We also look at the entire family system in order to collaborate with you on changes that might lead to less stress and a better sense of balance and connection.

Parent Consultation may occur individually, weekly, bimonthly or as needed. We also offer a Mothers Group titled “Parenting with Confidence” for a small group of moms who are coping with particularly challenging temperaments. In the group moms receive support as well as skill building in an ongoing group setting.