We offer standardized behavioral assessments to assess attention deficits, mood disorders and social anxieties. This is a packet of varied self-report questionnaires completed by parent, teacher and child. These standardized forms are scored by computer and our psychologist will go over the outcome data with parents as well as teachers to determine intervention for improvement as well as needs for further assessment.

A Child Behavioral Assessment [CBA] package, for ages two and up, may include parent and teacher interviews, a classroom or in-office observation, parent/teacher standardized behavioral questionnaires, and written report with recommendations for intervention.

A CBA facilitates treatment planning and intervention, which in turn facilitates growth and maturation. Assessment materials may include:

  • Developmental History
  • Sensory Motor Inventory
  • Behavioral Assessment Scale for Children (BASC)
  • Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBC)
  • Early Childhood Inventory (EDI)
  • Childhood Depression Inventory (CDI)