Psychologists in our practice do testing and assessment for school admissions,   learning disabilities, social-emotional difficulties, ADHD, developmental disorders, Aspergers and Autism, as well as  personality development. Testing is done for early childhood through adulthood. We also conduct Social-emotional and behavioral assessments for early childhood.

We offer psycho-educational assessment for children or adolescents who are struggling with substantial learning differences to determine the presence of a learning disability that warrants accommodations in the school. We administer IQ testing for school admissions or as part of a full battery of tests to determine the nature of a learning disability.

We also evaluate and identify developmental strengths and weaknesses as well as attention deficits. Social emotional assessments are included in the evaluation process when there are concerns involving personality, mood management and interpersonal functioning.

We provide parent consultation for parents who are seeking assistance in behavioral challenges, such as sleeping through the night or delayed potty training.  We get to know the child and family by doing a thorough developmental history and intake of presenting problem. We may include a classroom or home observation as well as a packet of self-report questionnaires. Once we establish an alliance and working relationship, parents may consult as needed.