What People are Saying About Abrams & Associates! 

             Teen Group:

“We came to your group practice when our lives were in the midst of a crisis. You were able to establish rapport with our daughter immediately and earned her trust in a short period of time–a not insignificant feat considering our daughter’s basic mistrust of people trying to help her.  You diagnosed problems that had been missed by other practitioners and gave all of us a new and much needed perspective on our daughter’s challenges.  You  trained and empowered our daughter to manage and cope with her problems and guided us in making some very difficult decisions regarding treatment.” – LL, Olney, MD

Individual Psychotherapy:

“I am doing well, and I will definitley keep referring patients to the practice, Dr. Lashley helped me so much after the loss of my father” from BR in Silver Spring

  Family Therapy:

“I cannot believe that this child, with whom we did not know what to do, is the very same child. She is so bright, so comfortable with herself, so positive. The fighting has slowed to a crawl, mornings are better too, because the tension between us and in the home is gone. It’s reflected everywhere, and for that I am indebted to the therapy we received with you all.” – CP, Rockville, MD

Parenting Consultation:

“Saying ‘thank you’ the other day just didn’t seem like quite enough. I’ve been thinking night and day about what you all helped us–me—accomplish and we are forever grateful. You’ve changed my entire relationship with our child. You changed my attitude and our understanding. Almost overnight the child whom I’d grown to resent, fear, run away from has become the most loving, understanding, caring, carefree, centered person in our family!” – ER, Chevy Chase, MD

From It’s Just Life! Lecture Series attendees:

“Not only do you have such incredible knowledge, but you have the skills to present your vast knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and even more importantly, easy to implement. You have no idea how many of your suggestions have already reduced tension, yelling and anxiety in our home.” – JT, Chevy Chase, MD

             Public Speaking:

“The lecture was wonderful! I truly gathered some wonderful ideas! I would love to participate in future parent-support group meetings. Thank you for providing such an informative and real talk!” – LM, Kensington, MD

             Eating Disorders:

“Just wanted to let you know how things are going. Since I came and talked to you, I have NEVER felt so good about my body. I decided not to diet anymore, and to try to let my body listen to itself for the first time ever. I went home from that session and wrote down everything you told me so I could refer to it when I was feeling down about myself.  You gave me the permission I needed to love the way I look, and to stop restricting what I eat. So far, no more binges.” – EK, Silver Spring, MD

             Presentations and Workshops:

“On behalf of those who were fortunate enough to participate in your workshop presentation at the Board of Jewish Education Early Childhood Conference, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude. According to all reports, your presentation was outstanding. All of the early childhood educators who participated in them felt tremendously enriched.” – Board of Jewish Education of Greater Washington

            Dr. Kay:

“While Kay was first referred to us as a therapist for our troubled son, over the course of nearly a decade, she has become a source of support for our entire family. Her creativity and determination in finding workable solutions for the problems that arose in our family gave us strength at a time when we were very discouraged. ”

“Kay is accessible and down-to-earth as a psychologist. She tactfully tells you whatever it is that she knows you need to hear and is ready with strategies and solutions when she identifies a problem. Our trust in her expertise and commitment has never been broken.” – CW Bethesda, MD

             Parenting with Confidence Lecture:

“Words of praise echoed the room after your presentation at Bradley Hills Presbyterian Nursery School last week. People are still thanking me for arranging the lecture and asking how to get in touch with you. Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule to speak with our group. It was an invaluable lecture for me and all the other moms in the room!” – Bradley Hills Nursery School, Cindy Campbell, Lecture Coordinator

Kay’s It’s Just Life CDs:

“I was only able to attend one of your lectures this past season, but I was hooked. You are a phenomenal public speaker with a whole lot of know-how on raising kids. I don’t know how many clients you have, but you would be doing a great disservice to everyone if you did not continue your lecture forum in some format.” – RE, Rockville, MD