Try Mindfulness for the Holidays

Monday, December 15, 2014

Here come the holidays- a time for light, love and perspective, often fraught with stress and misgivings. How do we hold onto compassion, care and forgiveness in our hearts?  What helps us bypass any regressions or transgressions. We all need a tool to shut out the noise and step over any garbage.  Try Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about the awareness you bring to everyday living.  Rather than letting your mind control you, you can practice managing your mind for greater presence, focus and peace.   Mindfulness means to direct your attention to only one thing in the present moment.

When you practice mindfulness meditations, you will get remarkably better about being responsive rather than reactive in your daily living.  You will be able to assert yourself appropriately where needed but with greater pause and perspective.

Most important, mindfulness is the way to acceptance and wisdom over judgment and fear.  We are all at risk for feeling separate, distorting reality and misinterpreting situations in a manner that sabotages our positive intention.

Make it your intention to spend 20 minutes a day in a quiet place, just breathing slowly, through the nose and out the nose. Just let the breathing “breathe” you and cradle you, rock you and remind you of the calmness you crave.

As you adjust to getting yourself quiet, it will become easier. Think about how challenging it is to learn any new skill until it becomes second nature. Try to hang in there and trust  the health benefits, such as lowering your heart rate, building a better immune system and restoring the parasympathetic nervous system for healing.

Just breathe and let go. Breathe all the stress out and let restorative breath back in. Let go of the negative and hold onto all the positive blessings in your life. Focus on those who love you and with whom you feel acceptance, care and compassion.

Try Mindfulness.  Bring yourself back into the present when you notice your mind in bad habits of rumination, worry and regret. As you become a more compassionate, calm and caring person, your experience of daily living will change substantially. You will better attract to those who are also compassionate and caring. And, you may cultivate more JOY this holiday season.

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