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Creating Peace in Your Home for the Holidays

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear families,


The holidays are filled with stress. Parents are transitioning from work and trying to unwind.  Your children and teens get a “break” but likely have exams to prepare for if they are older.  You may be traveling or having family in, and you likely have a lot of last minute preparations to get done.

Transitions are not only challenging for children. Most adults misbehave during transitions when we have failed to set up realistic expectations or failed to anticipate our needs.

The following bullets are for you to reflect upon during the holiday season….

  • Try unplugging from email and your “to do” list altogether. Genuinely walk away and let it be. When you return, you may be all the more able to delete and purge what no longer feels pressing
  • Be sure to bring yourself to the present entirely by listening and engaging your friends and loved ones
  • Get sleep, breathe deep and take in real food, slowly
  • Step outside for fresh air with your kids and your spouse or by yourself to just stretch your legs
  • Read a good book and keep the television off
  • Seek to help others feel that they matter to you
  • Create a quieter and less rushed home environment. Be less concerned about control and your task list and more connected to your heart and just relaxing into anything loving, joyful or playful

I know it sounds impossible, but your body and your central nervous system are habituated to being all cranked up. No amount of wine, chocolate or television is really going to bring you into a sense of fullness in your heart. Slowing down and noticing all that you are grateful for, being present to connect, take interest and play is what will shift your energy from frenetic to calm connection and care, so you may feel some peace for the holidays.

And, don’t forget to meditate about how to live your life a bit different in 2013 so you are less tense, anxious and stressed! Cut something out. Lower your expectations. Figure out a creative shortcut. Delegate.  Get off your screens as I am vowing to do right now.


Dr. Kay